Decurion Stables
  • Extensive customer guidance: I presume your goal is to look for Lusitano’s and PRE’s of high quality with a good character and good health. I will first make an inventory of your specific desires and then we start looking for your dream horse. Apart from customer guidance I can also arrange the veterinary check as well as the transport of the horse. Also I can train your horse or look together with you for a fitting trainer elsewhere to train your horse.
  • Personal guidance: My goal is to offer the best possible service, I can join you on your search for your dream horse. I will bring you into contact with the best breeders and reliable sellers at home and abroad and together we will find you the perfect horse.
  • Sale of exclusive horses: For the demanding sport rider I occasionally offer horses for sale being selected and trained by myself, naturally upholding a high, professional standard which the horses must meet and which are suitable for high level sport.
  • Inspections: Fortune favours the prepared. I have good personal contacts with the best handlers specialised in their field. The handler will come at least 1 week before the presentation will take place to the desired location to train the horse.
  • Classes: I will give classes at home at Decurion Stables from April 2022; you can bring your own horse or get classes on her highly trained own horses. I teach classical dressage, modern dressage, working equitation, doma vaquera (with and without garrocha)and one-handed riding. Additionally I can teach your horse Spanish Walk, compliment, kneeling, laying down etcetera as well as piaffe and passage from the ground as well as under the saddle.

My approach:

I specialise in finding good bloodlines. The raising and training of the horses is fully under my own management under suitable conditions. I pay close attention to the welfare of the horse; proper nutrition, physical activity and a responsible thorough training of the horses. Consequently I control the entire process of the horse from foal to riding horse; this leads to optimal results in relation to health and performance.

For more information or consultation you can contact me on:

+420 601 387 904 (phone and WhatsApp) or through the contact form under the header “contact” .

Below pictures of previously sold horses:

Brasil de Abajo

Monster WH


Lorenzo WH

Black Jack