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General information about the Lusitano and the PRE in sports and breeding.

The Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL) and the Pura Raza Española (PRE) with their respective stud books and are very old Iberian breeds that shared a stud book from 1912 to 1967 but since then they each have their own stud book.

The Lusitano made enormous strides in modern dressage and working equitation over the last 20 years: the top of the working equitation is worldwide dominated by Lusitano’s. In relation to Dressage we see an ever-growing number of lusitano’s in the sub-top and in the Grand Prix, additionally we see an increasing proportion of lusitano’s on the Olympic Games, World Championships, PAN-AM Games, World Equestrian Games, CHIO and the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

At this moment (2021) the PSL stud book is 9th place on the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses) Dressage Ranking List with 7865 points. In 2020 they even took a 6th place with 10007 points

The PRE breed is being seen more and more in Dressage and Working Equitation. At the moment (2021) the PRE stud book takes 13th place with 6045 points, in 2020 they were only 16th place with 3367 points so they have gone up a lot since last year’s rankings. How the points for the stud books and the individual stallions are being calculated and awarded you can read here:

As of 2018 it is possible to register an offspring from approved KWPN stallions out of purebred approved lusitano- and PRE-mares. These offspring are being registered in the A register of the KWPN foal registry and will get a KWPN passport. Furthermore, if these offspring meet the requirements for gaining approval to the KWPN stud book they can – at a later age- be incorporated into the stud book and also qualify for predicates. Gene spreading attempts to combine the strong characteristics of both breeds; the Lusitano as well as the PRE are known for their natural disposition to perform collected exercises together as well as having an outstanding talent especially for the piaffe and passage. More information regarding the cooperation between the KWPN and the PSL and P.R.E. stud book you can find here: