Decurion Stables

Orador do Luar

Bred by Coudelaria do Luar, Belgium

A wonderful, typical 4-years old Lusitano stallion who measures 1.70 at the moment with outstanding movements, intelligence and a good character. Father Jiu-Jitsu IGS (BRZ) who is producing amazing results already got 4 stars from the PSL studbook comes from very good, proved lines: Diamante Negro Do Juliana (BRZ), Tulum Comando SN (BRZ) and Portugal. Also from his mother’s side he is of good pedigree with prestigious blood such as Soberano and Violino. In august 2021 we made a start with some simple riding. In the future we see a great dressage horse in Orador.

Volador WH – For sale

Bred by De Woeste Hoeve, Nederland

A beautiful 4-years old P.R.E. gelding of the old fashioned type who measures 1.53 at the moment with 3 good gaits and a very stable character. A grandson of Norte Lovera who was competing for the Spanish Dressage Team at the World Equestrian Games and the European Championships. In august 2021 we made a start with some simple riding, he was castrated in may 2022. In the future we would like to do Dressage and Working Equitation with Volador.


Bred by Coudelaria SASA JE, Portugal

A stunning 6-years old Lusitano stallion with an athletic body who measures 1.66 and has a very spacious walk, expressive trot and uphill canter. A son of Carthago Comando SN (BRZ), which is a son of Tulum Comando SN (BRZ). Carthago was part of the Brazilian Dressage Team in 2019 on the Pan American Games. Merucio’s mother comes from the Ervideira stud who are known for their good stable character. In the spring we will make a start with some dressage and Working Equitation competitions.

Divino HP

Bred by coudelaria Herdade Do Pinheiro, Portugal

A very strong 14-years old Lusitano gelding with a very hot character. The predominant influences of 2x Nilo (v. Firme) and Novilheiro (v. Firme) reveal he was bred for bullfighting. Nevertheless Divino has proved himself in the international world of working equitation, he is remarkably good at the speed and cow test and delivered a valuable contribution in 2018 for the Dutch working equitation team on the World Championships in Munich.

Kabileño XIV

Bred by ganadería El Chando, Spain

This already 23-years old P.R.E. gelding who measures 1.52 is from a particularly old type. Kabbi has in his pedigree on both his mother’s- and father’s side Gorron II, apart from that the well-known blood of Maluso and Juglar. Kabileño is still fit and is being ridden lightly.


Paquirri is a 3-year old Lusitano stallion who was acquired in may 2022 to do working equitation with. With his beautiful blue eyes he will be a remarkable guy to see compete! In the fall of 2022 he will be put under the saddle.

Farruco XCVII

Bred by ganadería Antonio Sanchez Corado, Spain

A very sweet, reliable 17-years old P.R.E. measuring 1.52. Farruco is a very versatile and calm horse with a lot of blood from Yeguada Military and Escalera. Farruco enjoys dressage, working equitation and trail rides.